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A resource for current information about the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act,
also known as COBRA or the Patient Anti-Dumping Law. EMTALA requires most hospitals to provide an examination and needed stabilizing treatment, without consideration of insurance coverage or ability to pay, when a patient presents to an emergency room for attention to an emergency medical condition.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions about EMTALA. The format has been updated.

Reference information

Statute and regulations - This section also includes the materials relating to the State Operating Manual and the Interpretive Guidelines used by CMS in doing hospital compliance surveys.
News on EMTALA - See our news items page.
Cases on EMTALA - We have prepared a listing and short description of several judicial decisions issued on EMTALA. This page also provides links to the short articles and commentary that we have posted regarding key cases.
Our writeups - Short articles on selected cases

Additional information

Some information on the history of EMTALA.
A short bibliography of articles about EMTALA.
Information from OIG on its enforcement activities.
A brief selection from the OIG's 1999 draft Compliance Program Guidance for Medicare+Choice plans, addressing the pre-authorization issue.
Emergency Care - EMTALA Implementation and Enforcement Issues, published in June 2001 by the General Accounting Office, in PDF format - Acrobat Reader needed

Contacting CMS

If you wish to contact CMS for any reason, including making an admininstrative complaint about a particular case, the contact procedure has changed. Visit the Medicare contact search page, check the "Quality of Care/Complaints" box, and select your state from the drop-down list. When the listing of contacts comes up, find the contact for "Complaints about quality of care". Be sure to follow up any telephone contact with a written complaint. Keep a copy of what you send and a record of when it was sent.

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